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2017.8.9            Concept of  RIO LUA





  • RIO LUA with a romantic meaning to be called "the river of themonth" in Portuguese. Jewelry to deal with of SHUICHI GOTOHof the designer is basically all a piece of thing. With a large-sized color stone, it is the novel design which adopted a sense of fun everywhere while drawing the charm of the stone enough beautifully. Such a place will attract the mature woman who is not satisfied with common jewelry. I can come across a rare coloredstone having high rarity to attach a direct stone in Brazil. In addition, a laborer is done in the form of the arm to usually use it even if I use the big stone, and to be easy to do it for a working woman not to hit it with a nail of the stone flagging down and the next finger.The warm consideration that thought about the feeling of the person who not only I make a stone look beautiful, but also puts it on is our policy.











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